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Epoxy resin and coatings is high-glossy polish made of high-density materials, and composed of one-part component.

  • Abrasion resistance :
    Semipermanent product as elastic resin is separated to be two part at an ambient temperature, and then hardened via chemical reaction.
  • Chemical resistance :
    Epoxy is the meltings of high-dense resin, so it shows excellent applicability to general and special chemicals.
  • Oil / water resistance :
    As the surface is densely coupled, it does not allow penetration of and segregation by water or oil, aging by oil neigher.
  • Reduction of construction period :
    Due to good workability and fast curing, you can save time as workers can be allocated per area.
  • Good adhesiveness :
    Complete epoxy resin is a crystal of micro molecules, allowing complete adhesion to steel and concrete surface, unlike general products.
  • Wonderful colors :
    Anti-alkali pigment is used to prevent discoloring, and it is hardened in an elastic state to maintain original color.
  • Conductivity :
    As it is an inorganic and organic adhesive and plastic produced in an industrial way, the product prevents explosion by friction spark.
  • Economy :
    It is economic and permanent product ensuring abrasion resistance, shock resistance, water/oil resistance and acid resistance.
  • Excellent workability :
    It can be handled by brush (B), roller (R) and sprayer (S), easily applicable to even difficult engineering method.